Wellness & Fitness for Students

Finding a meaning event or activity for your students? We are here to offer you. Self defence training is fun, it boosts morale, improves team work and keeps you safe. It is also consider as an ice-breaking events for freshman. It energises your students for their next lessons, classes or retreat while learning to protect themselves. It works for any of the following purpose: 

  • Safety & Wellness
  • Anti-Bullying Education
  • Discipline
  • Team Building
  • Energising & Ice Breaking
  • Freshman Orientation
  • Personal Training

No More Just Sit in the Classroom

Our program will instruct you through specific drills and techniques that will help enhance your offensive response. Sparing will get your body strong but more importantly, your mind. Having a strong mind will strengthen your ability to take a hit and keep fighting.

Keep your students with a healthy body is one of the essential elements to get a better performance in daily school life. It is not just a training or workshop, but also team building and physical health concern.

Enroll for the Wellness of Students